A life changing,
genre defining, NFT project

It was 2037 when Variants first appeared: stronger; faster; smarter; more beautiful. Subtle at first so nobody really noticed, but as time passed a divide began to appear and those less fortunate looked for ways to even the score.

Implanted cybernetics had been the stuff of science fiction for decades, but when faced with the prospect of being left behind, humans found a way to even things up. Dangerous, unpredictable, but ultimately worth the risk, a tech implant that binds itself to the nervous system was designed to emulate the improvements that Variants “naturally” achieved.

This is just the beginning.


Welcome to MultiPass

These ERC-1155 Tokens are your key to entering the Awakened universe. You'll need one to mint an avatar but unlike other projects that's not where it ends. MultiPass will:

  • bullet pointAutomatically upgrade itself over time. The longer you hold, the rarer the avatar that you can potentially generate.
  • bullet pointMake you eligible to receive a weapons upgrade token, which can be applied to your avatar.
  • bullet pointGive you the opportunity to buy real estate in your home city, making you a part of this living, breathing economy.

We fully expect MultiPass holders to have to make difficult decisions over when and how to use their tokens. Just know that whatever you decide, you're creating something truly unique that will hold real, long term, value.


Ready to jump in?

Welcome to the new world order.

Burning a MultiPass in return for a beautiful, unique, piece of art is just the beginning. Everything about your character is truly random and stored in an ERC-1155 but that's not where the story ends - these avatars are upgradeable, will allow you to apply additional gear, and give you access to the Awakened Cyberconomy.




Not just words on a screen. These unique ERC-721 tokens allow gear and weapon upgrades that you can choose to apply to your Avatar, giving true customisation and the chance to increase rarity and value.

All holders of MultiPass on our snapshot date will have the chance to mint one free piece of gear.

Weapons and Gear


MultiPass doesn't just allow you to mint new avatars - it lets you upgrade too. Every character and accessory has an upgrade pathway, which evolves your artwork and gives you the opportunity to really stand out.

The decision you have to make is when to mint and when to upgrade.

Upgradeable Avatar

Awakened Globe

Build something great

This is where things get really interesting. Every character has a home city - from London to New York, Tokyo, Sydney and Berlin. We're bringing each of these to life.

With their own economies and governance, you'll have a chance to acquire parts of the city, earn from your assets, and decide the future of the place in which you live.



Owning an Awakened character doesn't just give you a piece of artwork - it gives you the opportunity to participate in a living, breathing, city-wide economy.



30% of all resale royalties are converted into $AWKND and go back into the relevant city's economy



These are converted into $AWKND tokens and stored in the city's wallet.



Each city has a DAO which is responsible for deciding the model by which these funds are distributed.


We're not done there.
The new world order is just beginning.


Our first drop has sold out but you can either buy on OpenSea or wait for our next drop.
In Phases 1 & 2 this is a manual process. We'll manually transfer 30% of our resale royalities into the community wallet each month. Once cities are live in Phase 3, our aim is to fully automate this process in a trustless manner on the blockchain.
Awakened isn't a short term project but, equally, we're not going to make you wait forever. MultiPass will go online in October, with the Weapons snapshot taking place a couple of weeks later. From there we're into Phase 2, which includes avatar minting, 4 - 6 weeks later. Phase 3 is planned for Q1 2022.

One important thing to note is that we will not rush this. Creating a token is easy but doing it in a way that is legally compliant and adds real long term value is far more complex. We're determined to do this right and will take the time needed.
We'll explain more soon but in essence MultiPass upgrades itself over time, moving through the various levels. When minting you have higher chance at receiving an upgraded avatar but when upgrading this is guaranteed. So, do you use a single MultiPass on your avatar or do you use two (one to mint and one to upgrade?).

Mixed into this decision is also the fact that there is some incredible artwork even at the lower levels, so it's up to you to decide when to twist and when to stick.