Strap yourself in.This is your time.

Welcome Dezen.

Burning a MultiPass in return for a beautiful, unique, piece of art is just the beginning. Everything about your charcter, from physical attributes to clothing and weapons, is truly random and stored in an ERC-1155. But that's not where the story ends. These NFTs are upgradeable, will allow you to apply additional gear, and give you access to the Awakened Cyberconomy. So, what are you waiting for?

Connect your wallet by clicking the button at the top right of your screen, and select your action.



Avatar minting is gas only as long as you own a MultiPass that's at least level 1.
MultiPass upgrades itself over time, which starts from the moment it's minting. 45 days after minting it reaches level 1, a further 30 days to level 2, 35 more to level 3, and another 60 to level 4. The higher the level your MultiPass is, the higher the level of avatar you're able to mint.
Yes. You can burn a MultiPass which is at a higher level than your avatar. This will upgrade it to the level of MultiPass that you burn. As an example if you apply a level 4 MultiPass to a level 1 avatar, that avatar will be upgraded to level 4.
Right now avatars are purely cosmetic but in early 2022 we'll be releasing our game. The only way to play will be via an avatar, the level of your avatar will directly impact your experience. Think carefully.
This changes depending on MultiPass level. At level 1 there are five characters with a further two added at levels 2 and 3. A final character is added at level 4.